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psychic training in portland oregon
Elliot Wall - SACRIFICIVM (Potaliya Sutta)

Psychic Training in Portland, Oregon

We offer in-person and online psychic training in Portland, Oregon. Offerings include Clairvoyance Training, Reading with Crystals, Learning Tarot, Meditation, Meeting our Spirit Guides, Alter/Shrine building, visual arts, healing and more!  Taught by us, local talents, and visiting guests.

Our Psychic Training or Clairvoyant classes are designed to specifically ignite your Chakras and allow you to access your own information and intuition  accelerating  your personal growth and ascension.

Our Psychic Training techniques and tools are all simple, safe and fun! We use  meditation and visualization to help us access our psychic abilities and we are ready to do readings within a month’s time!  Clairvoyant 1, or as we fondly refer to it as Clair 1, is a 6 month / 24 week series of classes that meet once a week for 2 hours via the internet through your phone. If you can’t attend in person you receive the audio from each class each week. Once we get past the first month you will be able to enroll in free reading clinics to practice reading with other students of all levels.

This series also includes free private energy checks, free office hours, and discounted readings. This series of classes inspire us to be curious, have fun, ask questions and tap into our natural psychic abilities. We learn how to ground, run energy and give back to ourselves. We receive a healing master that will help us do our healing work.  Highlights are doing psychic readings, accessing past lives,  talking to the dead, clearing homes & businesses, and working with spirit guides. As the vibration of our planet continues to rise, it is becoming easier and easier to access our Psychic and Spiritual Abilities. There is no reason to wait, contact us and let’s get started!

Women’s Mysteries is a four week class that empowers women to to heal themselves, work with a female healing mistress, accept ourselves by finding self compassion, love and strength again leading us to ascend. We  work through a series of meditations and energy work through four weeks. We work on healing trauma, self judgement , old expectations of what being female means and  break barriers. We will examine the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual mysteries of being female.

Our Clairvoyant program and Women’s Mysteries are taught by Sandra.

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