Elliot Wall - Disarm

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does our readings. She started in NYC training to be a fine artist and educator. She studied with Howard Gardner at Harvard University and worked with multiple intelligences understanding we all learn differently; some learners are Logical/Mathematical, Linguistic, Musical, Spatial, Kinesthetic, Naturalist, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal. She also believes that anything can be taught through the arts.  Sandra started working with K-5th graders,  teaching a different country each month so children would engage in the different arts through that country. This in turn helped the children become well rounded, open minded  & caring citizens of the world.  Sandra also taught  creative problem-solving skills , appreciation for the arts as well as celebrating differences and diversity.

 Working with a dream team of creative talented people she created a non-profit which works with over 350 students in public schools and employs 36 artists. It  is currently in its 20th year. It also includes a community gallery where artists come together and show monthly. Within it is the  first children’s gallery in Portland. A series of life events led Sandra to understand she just “knew” things and these experiences, including her 110 pound quartz crystal ball “Trixie” finding her , were all leading her to understand her abilities so she could do what she loves; bring people together,  learn, do readings  and teach. She is a formally trained Clairvoyant and Teacher by the methods of the Berkeley Psychic Institute taught by Dr. Lauren Cielo.  Sandra started a new branch of her organization  Betwixt & Between which offers readings as well as classes on a variety of subjects.  Betwixt and Between brings healers, readers and artists together to work, learn & play in a sacred and fun space.

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