Elliot Wall - Morningstar
Elliot Wall - Morningstar

Betwixt and Between is an exciting metaphysical store & magical academy housed inside an amazing gallery in Portland, Oregon. We offer readings and classes on a variety of magical subjects. We are bringing healers, readers, and artists together to work, learn & play in a sacred and fun space.

Our Metaphysical Store is a carefully curated selection of crystals,  tarot cards, home decor, jewelry, artist made tarot & ouija tables as well as all your altar needs!

The Academy offers Clairvoyance classes as it’s staple as well as classes in  Crystals, Tarot, Meditation, Astrology, Spirit Guides, Alter/Shrine building, visual arts, healing and more!  Taught by us, local talents, and visiting guests

Please look at our academy page for all the current classes
Readings we have many offerings, clairvoyant readings, angels & guides, one burning question, custom mediations, crystal readings, and house clearings! Please look at the Readings & offerings page for detailed descriptions
The Gallery is a space the community can show, we offer different themes each month you can submit your current masterpieces monthly via email and we will tell you which pieces are in. We have a first Friday opening each month. Don’t forget we also have a children’s gallery for  any child under 16, please submit or just come enjoy!
Events Our lovely gallery space is also used to support non profits by allowing them to organize events for things such as pug yoga for the pacific Pug Rescue, hosting The Tibetan Monks of Gaden Shartse,  guest lectures, meditation classes, workshops and soon in person classes (they are currently virtual)